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Question Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 13

Question - Essay Example The occasion where U.S. destroyer Maddox (leading electronic undercover work close by) was terminated on by North Vietnamese torpedo vessels was only a decent chance and reason on which United State could strikingly pronounce war for the sake of counter. Reports shows that throughout the spring of 1964, military organizers had built up a nitty gritty plan for significant assaults on the North, however around then President Lyndon B. Johnson and his consultants expected that general society would not bolster a development of the war (Dare 54-8). This clarifies two basic parts of the war. First is that United States had earlier designs to assault North Vietnam. The dread of President Nixon over conceivable open restriction demonstrates that critical taxpayers’ cash had been spent on the war with no monetary addition. These are clear proof that United States had earlier game plan to strike North Vietnam under the shadow of supporting South Vietnam. Their genuine test was whether the general population would favor the military activity and the vague response of the global

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The Battle of Valverde - American Civil War

The Battle of Valverde - American Civil War The Battle of Valverde was battled February 21, 1862, during the American Civil War (1861-1865). On December 20, 1861, Brigadier General Henry H. Sibley gave a declaration guaranteeing New Mexico for the Confederacy. To help his words, he propelled north from Fort Thorn in February 1862. Following the Rio Grande, he proposed to take Fort Craig, the capital at Santa Fe, and Fort Union. Walking with 2,590 sick prepared men, Sibley approached Fort Craig on February 13. Inside the strongholds dividers were around 3,800 Union fighters drove by Colonel Edward Canby. Uncertain of the size of the moving toward Confederate power, Canby utilized a few stratagems, including the utilization of wooden Quaker weapons, to make the fortification look more grounded. Making a decision about Fort Craig to be too solid to possibly be taken by direct ambush, Sibley stayed south of the fortification and conveyed his men with the objective of alluring Canby to assault. In spite of the fact that the Confederates stayed in position for three days, Canby would not leave his strongholds. Short on proportions, Sibley gathered a chamber of war on February 18. Following conversations, it was chosen to cross the Rio Grande, climb the east bank, and catch the passage at Valverde with the objective of cutting off Fort Craigs lines of correspondence to Santa Fe. Propelling, the Confederates stayed outdoors toward the east of the fortress the evening of February 20-21. Armed forces Commanders: Association Colonel Edward Canby3,000 men Confederate Brigadier General Henry H. Sibley2,590 men The Armies Meet Made aware of the Confederate developments, Canby dispatched a blended power of rangers, infantry, and big guns under Lieutenant Colonel Benjamin Roberts to the portage on the morning of February 21. Eased back by his firearms, Roberts sent Major Thomas Duncan ahead with the rangers to hold the passage. As Union soldiers were moving north, Sibley requested Major Charles Pyron to scout the passage with four organizations from the second Texas Mounted Rifles. Pyrons advance was upheld Lieutenant Colonel William Scurrys fourth Texas Mounted Rifles. Showing up at the passage they were shocked to discover Union soldiers there. Rapidly taking​ a situation in a dry waterway bed, Pyron called for help from Scurry. Inverse, Union weapons moved into place on the west bank, while the rangers progressed in a clash line. Regardless of having a numerical bit of leeway, the Union powers didn't endeavor to attack the Confederate position. Showing up on the scene, Scurry conveyed his regiment to Pyrons right. In spite of the fact that experiencing harsh criticism from Union powers, the Confederates couldn't react in kind as they were to a great extent outfitted with guns and shotguns which needed adequate range. The Tide Turns Learning of the stalemate, Canby left Fort Craig with the majority of his order just leaving a power of civilian army to watch the post. Showing up on the scene, he left two regiments of infantry on the west bank and pushed the rest of his men over the stream. Beating the Confederate situation with mounted guns, Union powers gradually picked up the advantage on the field. Mindful of the developing battle at the portage, Sibley additionally sent fortifications as Colonel Tom Greens fifth Texas Mounted Rifles and components of the seventh Texas Mounted Rifles. Sick (or alcoholic), Sibley stayed in camp in the wake of designating field order to Green. Promptly toward the evening, Green approved an assault by an organization of lancers from the fifth Texas Rifles. Driven by Captain Willis Lang, they flooded forward and were met by overwhelming fire from an organization of Colorado volunteers. Their charge crushed, the remainders of the lancers pulled back. Surveying the circumstance, Canby ruled against a frontal assault on Greens line. Rather, he tried to constrain the Confederate left flank. Requesting Colonel Christopher Kit Carsons untested first New Mexico Volunteers over the waterway, he propelled them, alongside Captain Alexander McRaes gunnery battery, to a forward position. Seeing the Union ambush shaping, Green arranged Major Henry Raguet to lead an assault against the Union option to purchase time. Charging forward, Raguets men were shocked and the Union soldiers started progressing. While Raguets men were being turned around, Green arranged Scurry to set up an assault on the Union community. Flooding forward in three waves, Scurrys men struck close McRaes battery. In wild battling, they prevailing with regards to taking the firearms and breaking the Union line. His position abruptly falling, Canby had to arrange a retreat back over the waterway however a large number of his men had just started to escape the field. Result of the Battle The Battle of Valverde cost Canby 111 murdered, 160 injured, and 204 caught/missing. Sibleys misfortunes totaled 150-230 murdered and injured. Falling back to Fort Craig, Canby continued a protective position. Despite the fact that he had won a triumph in the field, Sibley still needed adequate powers to effectively assault Fort Craig. Short on proportions, he chose for proceed with north towards Albuquerque and Santa Fe with the objective of re-provisioning his military. Canby, accepting his was out-numbered chose not to seek after. Despite the fact that he eventually involved both Albuquerque and Santa Fe, Sibley had to relinquish New Mexico after the Battle of Glorieta Pass and the loss of his wagon train. Sources History of War: Battle of ValverdeTSHA: Battle of ValverdeFort Craig National Historic Site

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Blog Archive MBA News HBS Students Getting But Not Accepting Offers

Blog Archive MBA News HBS Students Getting But Not Accepting Offers As the recession continues to worsen, the long knives  seem to be  coming out for HBS grads, with the Daily Telegraph and Bloomberg piling on and taking jabs (or stabs) at HBS alums. While this trend may be affecting egos at HBS (or perhaps not), it does not appear to be affecting the number of job offers students are receiving. Despite the economic turmoil, roughly 90% of second-year students at HBS have received job offers at this time, down only slightly from last year, according to the Harvard Crimson. However, if one scratches beneath the surface, the picture becomes less rosy. An HBS job board has seen 27% fewer postings this year, and less than  50% of students have accepted their offers, leading to the logical conclusion that this year’s grads are either lacking leverage or receiving offers in areas in which they are not all that interested. Share ThisTweet Blogroll Harvard University (Harvard Business School) News

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Essay on Analysis of Women Rights in Leaves of Grass

In 1855 when the first edition of Leaves of Grass was published, the first Women’s Convention had already taken place in Seneca Falls. According to Walt Whitman, Leaves of Grass is a women’s book. In the epigraph of Sherry Ceniza’s Walt Whitman and 19th-century women reformers she quotes him having said â€Å"Leaves of Grass I essentially a woman’s book: the women do it know it, but every now and then a woman shows that she knows it† (Ceniza). The implication here combined with the text in Song of Myself suggest a phenomenon that is all too common. Whitman is seen as and sees himself as a poet beyond racial and gender distinctions but like many in a position of privilege, their appropriation of the pain felt by these opposed groups serves only†¦show more content†¦Whitman’s language is saying that as an individual you must find your community and stay there. This would be problematic if he had not followed it with him asserting his b elief that his own is the man and the women. He also declares that mothers are part of his community, and the mothers of mothers. It is important to note that Whitman is not suggesting an equality between the two in this passage. He is simply saying that all of these people are his people, his community is made up of all kinds. While it is not a direct attack on women’s oppression nor a direct statement in support of their rights, on a scale of supportive to problematic, this passage falls near the center. One cannot yet label Whitman as a feminist but so far he has not proved to be a misogynist either. The first of Whitman’s slightly problematic comments on women comes in the next section of Song of Myself, section eight. In this section of the poem Whitman is observing all these events that are occurring around him. He starts with a baby in its cradle and continues on, seeing suicides, snow, a sick man and more. As the section is coming to a close he observes â€Å" exclamations of women taken suddenly who hurry home and give birth to babes† (163). Albeit small, it is impossible to ignore that Whitman observation of women is them â€Å"hurrying† to give birth. The word implies anShow MoreRelatedAnalysis Of Shakespeare s Hamlet 1061 Words   |  5 Pagesof a Shakespearian-era woman. Women were expected to be virginal, yet sexual, subservient and inferior to men, and possessions of their fathers and later their husbands. Ophelia is made to go mad due to her inability to conform to the unfair and contradictory patriarchal ideals of women, because those contradictory ideals are impossible to achieve and what leaves Ophelia feeling unsatisfactory, lost, and questioning her personhood. Feminist Criticism is the analysis of a text through a feminist perspectiveRead MoreEssay on Feminism and Modern Feminist Theory1068 Words   |  5 Pagesmotivated by the experiences of women. While generally providing a critique of social relations, many proponents of feminism also focus on analyzing gender inequality and the promotion of womens rights, interests, and issues. Feminist theory aims to understand the nature of gender inequality and focuses on gender politics, power relations and sexuality. Feminist political activism campaigns on issues such as reproductive rights, domestic violence, maternity leave, equal pay, sexual harassment,Read More Whitman and Neruda as Grassroots Poets Essays1812 Words   |  8 Pageshis own American landscape and language as a source for the music, voice and persona of his poetry† (33). The term â€Å"grassroots† is additionally appropriate for the purposes of this analysis when we break down the word into its component parts. Whitman used the imagery of grass (recall his famous Leaves of Grass), whereas Neruda uses the imagery of the tree with its intertwining roots to call up a sense of connected oneness between people in general, but specifically used to unite the people ofRead MoreEssay on Carol Ann Duffy and Liz Lochhead Explore Memories1137 Words   |  5 Pagesdeveloped with age into analysis of social expectations of men and women in the 1960s. In Duffys poem Litany and Lochheads poem 1953, both poets reflect on their childish perceptions of their parents conformity to social convention. Duffy and Lochhead excellently implement a dramatic monologue form to convey their feelings towards their parents conventional roles within the home. In Duffys Litany, the poem is narrated by Duffys younger self who naively recounts women obsessed with social classRead MoreCommunity Description / Analysis Project1473 Words   |  6 Pages Community Description/ Analysis Project Tonya Pinchback Morgan State University Community Description According to Feverbee, there are five different types of communities (Feverbee, 2015). The five types are communities are interest, action, place, practice, and circumstance. Interest is people sharing the same interest or passion. Action is people trying to bring about change. Place is where people are brought together by geographic boundaries. Practice are people in the same professionRead MoreWalts Whitmans Vision of America in Leaves of Grass17685 Words   |  71 PagesWalt Whitman’s vision of America in Leaves of Grass Valentine†©Abbet†© TRAVAIL†©DE†©MATURITE†© †© Sous†©la†©direction†©d’Anne†©Roland†Wurzburger†© Gymnase†©du†©Bugnon,†©Lausanne†© 2012†©  «I have sung the body and the soul, war and peace have I sung, and the songs of life and death, And the songs of birth, and shown that there are many births. I have offerd my style to every one, I have journeyd with confident step; While my pleasure is yet at the full I whisper So long! » Walt Whitman, So Long !, Deathbed editionRead MoreGolf Is An Interesting Game1418 Words   |  6 Pageselevation, grass, style, geography, climate, yardage, par, green slopes, scenery, and landscape. Weather can also extraordinarily affect how a golf course plays. Most sports are always played on the same style court or field. Many sports are beginning to be played inside, including some professional football and soccer games. Golf is for the nature seeker, the architect, the designer, and the creative person. Golf Courses are like paintings, they are works of art. Today, an insightful analysis is goingRead MoreSymbolism In Charlotte Perkins Gilmans The Yellow Wallpaper1427 Words   |  6 PagesWomen’s Rights has been a point of contention for a very long time. Especially during the late 19th and 20th century, it was a seemingly unorthodox idea in a patriarchal society. This is what makes Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s The Yellow Wallpaper a feminist piece still analyzed to this day. It was a story that was arguably ahead of its time, as was Gilman, with her utopian feminist ideals. She wrote the book with some introspection of her own postpartum depression. The Yellow Wallpaper has been deemedRead MoreA Social Stigma View Traditional Marriage1549 Words   |  7 PagesAd Analysis We as a social stigma view traditional marriage proposals between a man and a woman normal, standard, and unique. Within a traditional wedding after the man has proposed to the woman normally the woman gets ready for her special day, she puts on makeup, does her hair, and is nervous. The woman wears a beautiful gown of her choice and her makeup is flawless her hair must be gorgeous. The groom is excited to see his future to be wife. He has shaved, showered, and dresses accordingly toRead MoreEffect of Lemongrass (Cymbopogon Citratus) and Pandan (Pandanus Amaryllifolius) Leaves’ Water Extracts in Reducing Wriggler’s Life Span3198 Words   |  13 PagesEffect of Lemongrass (Cymbopogon citratus) and Pandan (Pandanus amaryllifolius) Leaves’ Water Extracts in Reducing Wriggler’s Life Span Thea Abigail Y. Lomibao Ma. Michaela Joana O. Aquino Joel D.Mendoza San Pablo City National High School San Pablo City Mrs. Glory M. Serrano Research Adviser A Science Investigatory Project submitted in fulfillment of the requirements in Research I-B S.Y. 2010-2010 Abstract Dengue fever has always been a problem to everyone

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Descriptive Essay Drawing The Line - 1370 Words

â€Å"Drawing the line† Since we were kids our moms taught us to respect others and be kind, to obey the rules and pay respect to adults. As we grew older we started to understand the world better and we set our own â€Å"rules†; some people like to be surrounded by others and share their lives, while others prefer to keep their lives in private. We could say that in either case we â€Å"draw a line† for our best convenience or preference. For many, crossing a border implies talk to an officer, paperwork, questions, long lines and a lot of nervousness even if you have nothing to hide; it’s a weird and anxious feeling in the air. But borders can also be green, beautiful, informative and friendly. A geographical border or wall allow countries to account for everyone and everything that goes in and out of the country also it shows where are the limits for one country and when the other one starts like between Norway and Sweden or the Netherlands and Belgium. However there are borders or walls that are imposed by the government between two countries . What would be the real reason behind these walls? Are they intentions legitimately good or there’s a motive behind this walls? A few examples are the Berlin Wall, the Great Wall of China, the United States and Mexican border or the Israeli-Palestinian conflict just to name a few. At the same time that borders and limits are needed to have control, they separate and divide people creating conflicts also adding all the violence and deaths thatShow MoreRelatedMiltons Strengths and Weaknesses as a Poet 790 Words   |  3 PagesThe purpose of this essay is to discuss John Milton’s strengths and weaknesses as a poet, writer, and thinker. It is my argument that his strongest strength is the use of descriptive words and phrases from different sources because of his sight. His weaknesses are none other than the reader’s perception. It is hard for me or anyone to discuss these attributes because they are different in each and every poem as with each and every person. What might be considered a weakness in one poem is strengthRead MoreBenefits Of Using The Arts896 Words   |  4 Pagesto win an award for writing an essay or poem than kids who don t participate (Lynch, n.d.). Improvement of Motor Skills Many of the movements associated with making art, like scribbling using a crayon or holding a paintbrush, are important to the development of fine motor skills in young kids. Many preschool programs stress using scissors as it acquires for writing the dexterity kids will want. Around age three should start working with safety scissors and drawing a circle. Around age four, kidsRead MoreManagment Therory1261 Words   |  6 PagesAssessment item 2 Strategic Management OR Knowledge amp; Learning Value: 45% Due date: 11-Sep-2015 Return date: 02-Oct-2015 Length: 3000 words Submission method options Alternative submission method Task You are required to write a 3000 word essay on either Strategic Management or Management Knowledge amp; Learning as follows: * Use an organisation that is or has been in the news during the past two years (work-related learning) as an example of strategic management practices.Failing that, selectRead MoreA Man Becoming Prejudice Against Blind People1710 Words   |  7 Pagessocioeconomic status. He had the ability to capture the lives of the average Joe through his fictional tales. He was known to use people from all walks of life to depict his agenda in these tales. He successfully wrote many short stories, poems, and essays with various collections. His story, the Cathedral is infamous for pointing out how a blind man or in other words a disabled individual can help someone discover something extraordinary. Raymond Carver loved travelling as a young man, and wouldRead MoreDulce Et Decorum Est Analysis Essays1122 Words   |  5 Pages‘Dulce Et Decorum Est’ Essay For years, war and the honour of war has been built up and glorified unfairly by the media in cartoons, movies, games, news and even songs as well as warmongers trying to cash in on unsuspecting and gullible young men who want to be recognized as heroes. Wilfred Owen, who had served in World War 1 and died while defending his country age 25, wrote the poem ‘Dulce Et Decorum Est’ as an attempt to dismantle the unrealistic expectations about war that boys who are ‘ardentRead MoreThe Maginot Line During The Period Between World War II Essay1351 Words   |  6 PagesThe Maginot Line during the period between World War I and World War II changed dramatically and greatly affected international affairs. In this essay I will attempt to give a descriptive and informative chronological outline of the creation on the Maginot Line, as well as the residual effects of it and its outcome on international affairs. The Maginot Line was named after the French Minister of War Andrà © Maginot. It was a line of obstacles, concrete fortifications, and weapon installations thatRead Moredsfsdsfs4469 Words   |  18 Pagesfor each payment, which will include a link to easy cancellation instructions. Essay From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search For other uses, see Essay (disambiguation). Essays of Michel de Montaigne An essay is generally a short piece of writing written from an author s personal point of view, but the definition is vague, overlapping with those of an article and a short story. Essays can consist of a number of elements, including: literary criticism, politicalRead More Euthanasia Essay2196 Words   |  9 Pages Here is another essay for you to use! Its alittle screwed up, but perhaps you can do something with it. It was a lot worse than this, it had strange marks all over it and the paragraphs were everywhere. I fixed it a bit, but I would go crazy if I stared at a computer screen any more!!!! Euthanasia, is one of the most controversial issues of our time. This diver issue raises many questions such as: how should decisions be made, and by whom? What should be determined as a matter of law and whatRead More Comparison of Miracle on St. Davids Day by Gillian Clarke and Daffodils by William Wordsworth1989 Words   |  8 PagesClarke. Due to this, the poems differ greatly in their style and language. Observing the poems at first glance, it is obvious that they also contrast in content, however at greater depth, the connections between them are made obvious. In this essay, I will be discussing the connections and differences between the two poems. The daffodil is the national symbol of Wales; it represents hope, joy and celebration. Both of the poets make this markedly palpable using this as a theme for theirRead MoreThe Invention And Reinvention Of The Peasant Essay2418 Words   |  10 PagesHow King Keohane, and Verba’s â€Å"The science in social science† and â€Å"The Descriptive Inferences† can be used to elaborate Timothy Mitchell’s â€Å"The Invention and Reinvention of the Peasant† In his work â€Å"The Invention and Reinvention of the Peasant,† Timothy Mitchell makes an elaboration of the research in colonial hegemony in Egypt as a country in the 19th century. In addition, his work covers how â€Å"the peasant† has become a field of expertise that aims to deal with the theory and description of folk

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The Implementation Of The Compliance Plan - 1313 Words

Introduction. Here at O’Kelly Medical Practice it is our goal to maintain an effective compliance plan that is in accordance with the compliance program guidance that is set by the Office of Inspector General, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The purpose of this compliance plan is to avoid and identify any violations of both law and company policy ( Compliance Plan Objectives. The basic objectives to this compliance plan are as follows. The first is to prevent any fraud and abuse. This is accomplished through a formal process to discover, inspect, fix, as well as prevent violations that affect any reimbursement for healthcare services rendered. The next objective is to make sure that our compliance is in accordance with all applicable laws including federal, state, and local. We will also help to defend this practice during any investigation or prosecution for fraud by validating compliant behavior, therefore reducing fines or prosecution (Valerius). Standards of Conduct. O’Kelly Medical Practice has implemented many standards of conduct in order to prevent fraud and abuse by providing guidelines needed in order to work in areas at risk of these violations. These standards of conduct apply equally to all employees, and it is the employee’s responsibility to familiarize themselves with these standards in order to apply them to their day to day work. Acceptance of these standards is a mandatory part of employment. These standards includeShow MoreRelatedCompliance Plan for Riordan Manufacturing1635 Words   |  7 PagesCompliance Plan for Riordan Manufacturing Compliance Plan for Riordan Manufacturing Commitment To Compliance Standards of Conduct Riordan Manufacturing Company promotes adherence to the compliance plan as a key element in the evaluation of performance of all the officers of the business entity. Employees of Riordan Manufacturing are bound to comply, in all official acts and obligations, with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations, standards of conduct within but not limited to laws andRead MoreDescription Of The Implementation Plan Essay1021 Words   |  5 PagesDescription of the implementation plan Our implementation plan mainly focuses on five risks, which are compliance risk, strategic risk, credit risk, operational risk, and financial risk. The corporation has established risk management committees to assess and manage the corporation’s exposure to the above risks. Then, the committees will prioritize these risks and establish guidelines for risk management processes. After that, it will assign the management of some risks to appropriate operating departmentsRead MoreEvaluation Of A Quality Improvement Plan929 Words   |  4 PagesThe successful aspect of this quality improvement plan was staff compliance to the checklist and selected EBP interventions. Collaboration with high management to improve quality and nurse performance lead to a developed system with the changing needs of performance improvement initiatives. The project keeps surgical knowledge up to date and relevant with the support from the staff and managers. The ability to provide feedback during huddle meeting intiated open communication. The quality managementRead MoreEvidence Based Practice Change On The Incidence Of Hospital Acquired Infections Essay1467 Words   |  6 Pagesbarriers from this EBP change include: low compliance from the staff, low compliance from the patients, inadequate support from leadership, and inadequate staffing. Despite the benefits of EBP, a degree of resistance is expected from the staff. Furthermore, as a nurse leader pursuing for EBP changes in the facility, one has to be an advocate for the patients and improved clinical outcomes. Plans to Overcome Barriers Low Compliance from the Staff Low compliance from the staff due to resistance to changeRead MoreA Brief Note On Idaho State University ( Isu ) Essay970 Words   |  4 Pagesthe firewall breach much sooner. On August 9, 2011, HHS received notification from ISU regarding a breach of its unsecured electronic protected health information (ePHI). On November 22, 2011 HHS notified ISU of its investigation regarding ISU’s compliance with the Privacy, Security, and Breach Notification Rules. HHS’ investigation indicated that the following conduct occurred (â€Å"Covered Conduct†). i. ISU did not conduct an analysis of the risk to the confidentiality of ePHI as part of its securityRead MoreAft Task 3623 Words   |  3 PagesAFT Task 3 As our Joint Commission audit approaches, Nightingale Community Hospital has conducted a tracer patient survey to assess our compliance. The tracer methodology tracks a selected patients care from admission to discharge, allowing us to evaluate our systems of providing care and to ensure that we are meeting the Joint Commissions standards of providing safe, quality healthcare. Our tracer patient was a 67 year old female who presented with a fever and drainage five weeks afterRead MoreEmployee Compliance On Information Technology Security Policy Essay1451 Words   |  6 Pages Project 4: IT Audit Policy and Plans Arlecia M Johnson October 12, 2016 Employee compliance on information technology security policy. Employee compliance can be described as a comprehensive review of the employees of a given organization concerning the awareness and adherence to the laid down policies and guidelines. In our case here at Red Clay Renovations, it is about the IT security policies in the Employee Handbook. Well, in order to accomplish this task, we have to narrowRead MoreEmployee Compliance On Information Technology Security Policy Essay1438 Words   |  6 PagesEmployee compliance on information technology security policy. Employee compliance can be described as a comprehensive review of the employees of a given organization concerning the awareness and adherence to the laid down policies and guidelines. In our case here at Red Clay Renovations, it is about the IT security policies in the Employee Handbook. Well, in order to accomplish this task, we have to narrow it down to an interview strategy with questions targeting on the awareness of the key policiesRead MoreA Research Study On Nurses s Perceptions Of Shift Reporting Guided The Effort904 Words   |  4 Pagesproject involved reviewing implementation survey. After analysis of the survey results, the nurse’s perceptions of the significant change to the practice of change-of-shift reporting guided the effort. Due to the organizational change to bedside shift report as part of an initiative to ensure that care practices are more patient centered, the primary outcome of interest would be an increase in nurse compliance and satisfaction with the change. Also of interest was compliance of the nursing staff withRead MoreOutsourcing at Office Supply1540 Words   |  7 PagesCosts/Benefits Implementation Change Management Risks †¢ Decrease infrastructure costs by utilizing a more specialized, third-party staff. †¢ Experience cost-savings during the 2nd year, but face increased expenditures during 1st year. †¢ Maintain availability and performance through SLAs with the vendor. †¢ Ensure a smooth transition through a formalized change-management program. †¢ Mitigate risks by documenting procedures and improving employee awareness. Strategy Costs/Benefits Implementation OVERVIEW

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Understanding Mental Health In Society

Question: Discuss about the Report for Understanding Mental Health In Society. Answer: There is often a misunderstanding that mental health is the opposite of mental disorder. The absence of mental disorder does not mean that the person has good mental health. A person with mental ill health can live a satisfying and meaningful life within the limits of his painful and distressful symptoms. Anxiety, depression, alcohol abuse, drug addiction and schizophrenia are all symptoms of mental disorder. The most common cause of mental disorder is the stressful experience, but it can also occur otherwise. Moreover, not all stressful experiences lead to mental disorder. Most of these experiences come from the society or are influenced by them. Therefore, it is important to understand the social factors which influence the mental health of an individual and how we can take steps to prevent mental health disorders. The three major social factors that influence mental ill health are: Discrimination and violence People who act or look differently are usually discriminated and are treated negatively. Discrimination may be due to color, sex, race, ethnicity, social and economic status and mental ill health itself. There have also been numerous cases where the women suffer from depression because of the domestic violence they suffer at home. Even though one out of four people in UK experience mental ill health at some point in their life, but still there is strong social stigma related to it, and mentally ill people experience discrimination in most areas of their life like in society, in workplace, in community, etc. people have this perception that a mentally ill patient is violent and dangerous, so they always like to keep a safe distance. There are few actions that can be undertaken to reduce the negative attitude of people. People can be educated and trained about the causes of mental illness and mental treatment. Contact strategy can be used where people inter act with mentally ill people which help to remove stereotypes and prejudices. Media plays a major role in perception formation among people, so mass media can be used to spread awareness and correct information. Social exclusion There are many reasons for the social exclusion of a mentally ill patient like lack of money, some effects of illness like low self-esteem, reduced social contact as the patient is busy with his treatment and hospitalisation, stigma, unemployment. By addressing these issues, social exclusion can be reduced to a great extent. Steps like employment, preventing discrimination, educating the society, access to health services and giving them basic right like a decent home, transport and financial guidance. Employment - it is a well-established fact that employment is important for the mental health of an individual. Moreover, the mental disordersaffects beyond the person who is suffering it affects their partner, children and the community. Unemployment or low quality employment are major risk factors for mental ill health. By providing work to people with mental health problems, they have a sustainable income which reflects their skill and experience. It gives them a sense of value and control in life. By this way of employment, these people also participate in the society and are not isolated. Earlier there was not adequate knowledge and training for diagnosing, treatment and maintenance of a mentally ill patient. But nowadays with the increasing number of cases, it is becoming an important area of study and practice. Unlike previous times, now the treatment and management are targeted to specific categories of mental illnesses. Moreover, the treatment is now focusing on the specific functional disabilities related to a particular type of mental illness. The treatment is now targeted at the deficit areas specific to the requirement of the patient in his work, home and other areas of life. The Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders have helped the practitioner a great deal in providing a standard for diagnosis which was earlier missing. The treatment now exhibits a positive view of the patient; it has learning orientation which helps to educate the patient about themselves and their condition and also about other people and it also teaches them skills to cope with difficult situations. The treatment has an objective and if it is not met, the treatment process is modified. Now a days the treatment make effective use of nonprofessional resources like peers and families to enhance the outcome of the treatment. Few new treatment and management modalities are Targeted-intermittent long term treatment it involves providing the intensive treatment initially but when the patients functioning improves it is provided intermittently. Depending on the progress, the direct treatment from the psychologist can be reduced to weekly, biweekly and monthly sessions. It provides effective and economical therapy in addition to reducing the hospital treatments. Cognitive-behavioural social skills training it is the most important and effective treatment for mentally ill patients. It provides training in communication and problem-solving skills which can be used in different settings be it family, social life with friends or the community in general. Individual psychotherapy skills training this training helps the patient to understand internal thoughts and processes and makes them a more skilled while participating in the therapy. This therapy evaluated the want of an individual and applies problem solving skills to find out if and how these want may be met. Therapeutic contracting program this model helps to overcome resistance, denial and lack of motivation in people while increasing their self-efficacy. It not only improves the interaction among the patient and family but also among the patients themselves. Very patient helps the other patient in identifying a problem, coming up with alternative solutions and then selecting the best alternative for them. This exercise brings a feeling of worth and value in all the helpers that they made apositive influence in other persons life. and Multiple family therapy in this modality the supportive aspects of the family interaction are incorporated in the treatment, and the dysfunctional aspects of the interactions are corrected with the help of social skills training. (i) There can be various reasons for the mental-ill health of older people like previous life-experiences or a particular experience, reasons specific to ageing like bereavement, the perception of loss of status and importance, physical ill health, less contact with family and friends, lack of mobility/ active life, living alone. Many studies have shown that the risk for depression increase to a great extent after the age of 80 years. The main reason for depression older men is chronic ill health and in older women it is mainly due to isolation from family and society, belongingness to faith and community groups. Besides the normal stresses in life, elderly people are not able to live independently because of many reasons like mobility is limited, long-standing pains and other physical problems. All these problems cause psychological stress and leads to mental ill health. The three problems that is specific to elderly people - dementia, depression and anxiety disorders like phobias a nd obsessive compulsive disorder. Dementia is the reduced ability to memorise, think, act and perform every day activities. Though it is not limited to older people, 47.5 million people in the world are suffering from it, and the numbers are constantly increasing. The other problem that is depression is a cause of lots of suffering and impairs the daily functioning of the individual. Depression is very common in elderly people, but it often goes undiagnosed and is not treated properly especially in primary care centres mostly because the symptoms of depression coincide with other problems that the elderly people face. A depressed person feels that he is not well and visits the hospital often though his cause for not being well may remain undiagnosed. Anxiety is often difficult to differentiate in healthcare setting from the normal worries of elderly people. Anxiety is of serious concern and older people suffering from it find it extremely difficult to manage the day to day activitie s. This puts them at increased risk for premature mortality, social isolation, depressions and institutionalisation. There are different types of anxiety disorders like generalised anxiety disorder (GAD), social anxiety disorder, specific phobias, OCDs and post-traumatic stress disorder. (ii) Older people usually under-utilise the mental health services which may be due to individual reasons or systemic barriers which hinder the provision of appropriate care and treatment. There are different modalities which are used for the treatment of mental illness in older people like psychotherapies, psychiatric medication, integrating mental and physical health services, telemedicine which involves counselling and finally supportive care. Despite all the health services for elderly people with mental illness there exists some problems because of which they are not able to fully benefit from these services. The three main problems are overuse of institutions, limited access to services and uneven quality of service in institutions and community. (iii) The mental disorder does not only affect the person who is suffering from it but it also affects the family and friends. So, the older individual and the other people involved in care can benefit from the supportive services that are available. Some such supportive services are the community-based group program, health promotion and wellness programs, mental health outreach services, support groups and peer counselling programs, respite care and finally care giver programs. Though there are many programs, there exists few problems hindering their effectiveness like caregivers do not make full use of these services, the programs have a general framework and are not tailored to the particular situation of the care giver, which reduces its effectiveness and relevance and lack of knowledge of the services available and its relevance to them. References Anon., 2014. Discrimination-mental health. [Online] Available at: [Accessed 16 March 2016]. Anon., n.d. social determinants. [Online] Available at: [Accessed 16 march 2016]. Anon., n.d. social influences and mental health. [Online] Available at: [Accessed 16 march 2016]. Department of health and human services, 2001. Older adults and mental health: issues and opportunites. s.l.:s.n. mechanic, D. a. M. D. D., 2002. The influence of social factors on mental health. In: Principles and Practices of geriatric psychiatry, second edition. s.l.:s.n. Michael, F. a. K. S., n.d. 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